22 and 23 February: Festival Inakosť in Banská Bystrica

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This weekend a very special event will take place in Banská Bystrica: the film festival Inakosť, an opportunity to watch very good films about LGBTI rights, an extremely important and topical subject.

Three great films of festival in Banská Bystrica
Albert Nobbs
In 19th-century Ireland, a woman has lived and worked for over 30 years under the guise of a man named Albert Nobbs. Albert is a man with a secret, a woman with a dream. A faithful butler at a reputable hotel who yearns for marriage and a shop of his own. His workaday, introverted life, hinging upon a fiercely guarded secret, is disrupted by the painter Hubert, landing Albert in a harrowing love triangle.
Albert Nobbs is brilliantly portrayed by British actress Glenn Close, who also co-authored the screenplay to this extraordinary film.
Anjeli / Angels
When successful thespian Michal is diagnosed with an incurable disease, he gives up on everything and retreats to an abandoned cottage to write his memoirs, with his nurse and the love of his life as his only companions. The tension is broken by the arrival of a charismatic stranger, who is a bit too interested in Michal...Director Róbert Šveda's second film is an ensemble drama about irreversible twists of fate, the human need for intimacy and the anticipation of revelation. It is among the first Slovak (and Czech) films to portray homosexuality without superfluous pathos, as just one piece of a fully human portrait.
Parada / The Parade
A homophobic gangster grants his fiancée's every wish - even agreeing to hire a gay wedding planner. But in return, the planner wants protection for the upcoming gay-pride parade. Set in a country where "pede" (faggot) is still the worst insult imaginable, the picture ranges in tone from fun and incredibly hilarious to heartrendingly sad. Heterosexual viewers are particularly moved by this perceptive exploration of homophobia, one of the several films to be honoured with a standing ovation at this year's Berlinale.
More films in Banská Bystrica you can find the program of the festival: http://www.ffi.sk/filmovy-festival-inakosti-banska-bystrica
FB event: http://www.facebook.com/events/334852849969512/?fref=ts.

Since I attach a lot of importance to this topic, I'll also take part as a living book to the human library organised by Amnesty International Slovakia on Friday 22 February in Gymnázia Andreja Sládkoviča for this special occasion. Here you can find more information on the human library: http://amnestyinternational.blog.sme.sk/c/321293/Prva-Ziva-kniznica-v-Banskej-Bystrici.html


The Human Library is an innovative method designed to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices and encourage understanding *
The Human Library is an innovative method designed to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices and encourage understanding by sharing personal stories of trained "books"(people who have gone through unique and many times difficult path) . The main characteristics of the project are to be found in its simplicity and positive approach. The Human Library enables groups to break stereotypes by challenging the most common prejudices in a positive and humorous manner. It is a concrete, easily transferable and affordable way of promoting tolerance and understanding.
About Amnesty International Slovakia: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amnesty-International-Slovakia/111165370750?fref=ts
About Iniciativa Inakosť: http://www.facebook.com/inakost?fref=ts

Emanuela Cardetta

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